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believe live your Dreams*


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8 September
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Hi All !! ^_^

my name is Tiffany. I'm 23 years old. I live in Canada, I am a huge fan of Ikuta Toma, Ayumi hamasaki. I love reading comics, I love Anime and manga. I living at home, I would like to move
out in my own appartment some day. My favorite anime is Fushigi Yuggi i love that anime for a long time.. <3 It was my first anime I watched. Always loved it. I love anime like, Inuyasha, Kanon, Haruhi Suzumiya, anything cute weird and funny!!! ^_- :)

I love music Arashi, Ayu, Koda kumi etc..

Smiley face

I love to read alot of manga, I love To Heart, Super Gals, Spicy mink, anything that catches my eye and attention I will grab it and read it. <3 ^3^

***Excited I'm going to my first Otaku Convention this year***
woohooo !!! yeay!!! o(^_^)O

what I listen too: my favorite music, I listen to a varity from Jpop to kpop to american, well punk, or anything lol.

I love to listen to Ayumi hamasaki songs, her music is fun to listen, Pink, Koda kumi, Sean Paul, Aaron Carter, Britney, Christina aguliara, Hilary Duff, etc....

I love Kpop: I listen to artists like 2ne1,Afterschool, I love them <3, Son Dambi, Wonder girls, Big Bang, Teen Top, Infinite, Mr. Mr.

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