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  1. Let's begin. ^^ Bio: Hi, my name is Tiffy-chan. I'm a huge JE fan and Jpop! Since 2009-. Till today. ^^ I like listening to lots of JE groups. and watch some vids.^-^

I hope we can become good friends here on LJ and Fangirl. ^^
Sometimes it can get abit boring, but i love to listen, and watch their music, lives and more! Continue to Fangirl with me ne*
I'm 24 y o. I'm Canadian fangirl of Johnny singers! I love them so much!
I Love Jdrama, Kdrama.
Although,i love JE my heart and soul. I love to listen to Koda Kumi, SNSD, Ayu hamasaki, Tegoshi, NeWs, Arashi, Tomoyo Nagase. (*^^*)

I hope we can be friends here at LJ. Add me and i'll add you back.

I'm only adding if we share the same interests. not adding any dead journals.

Toma Ikuta is my ichiban >w<

Hi minna!!! ^^ Tadaima

Hi everyone!! ^^

There is sooo many series to watch. i think i need to make a list or something. I need to catch up with my drama list. currently into watching:

-Maou Jdrama episodes 1-11 . currently watching episode 1 and 2.
- HanaKimi episode 6
- Also downloading Toma vids with subs.

Theres so many i need to watch, there is also matsujuns drama i like to watch. pet something... dunno i got to go look it up.. Also Yamapi has a new drama coming out.! and he is a Teacher in this drama XD omggg!!!! kya!
He is a english teacher in the drama XD

Also, i'm going to try to be on LiveJ more, this week. i need to keep my livejournal alive.
gahh... did i mention i also want to see again 5x10 tour! >.< i really want to see it again!!! i miss matsujun and nino >.<

Anyway g2g,
see ya later.

byess, Ja ne!

hi everyone!!!! ^^

Hi livejournal!!!
yatta ne!!! It is a lovely day today, it's faboulas!!! I went today to chinatown!! ^0^
After like to years of haul midding, i decided to just go back!!! There is soo many cool
places. I was suprised how shops changed after a few years. The store i love
changed!!! I will go visit there!!! ^-^ onto my haul,
I went there xD and shopped like crazy!!!! LOL
I went to a cute pastry shop!!! On my way there, the first things i both was
chopped sticks. i hadn't both some in a while . none expensive too :3 Their sooo cute ^_^ So yeah,
onto my walking in china town, i stopped by a cute pastry shop!!! I bought this
yummy donut and creme, it tasted so good! ^^
cheap food. but tastey!

I really wanted to see a jpop store!!!! I was and is aming for that to see!!!I did first
enter a shop and they sold some jpop cds like ayumi hamasaki, and namie amuro. They
did not have as many as i expected they would have. but it was a nice time to go there.
I was happy though when i went in that last shop. It was cute and smelled like japanese noodles XD
lol. anyway they sold alot of fun stuff!! :)
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Love ya!! going to spend the rest of the day to relax.

see ya!!! i hope you live reading my posts :D my journal!!!



Hi everyone!!!! I'm back of the day.... for the day!!! <3

So i like to say, my favorite model i like now is Blair Fowler, I'm not sure if you guys know her from the youtube channel. Juicystar07.
She is from awesome youtube channel!!! I love her!! <333333

Tell me if you guys watch youtube. or beauty channels!!! its awesome!!! `<3

I also heard she made a book. ahh i can't wait to buy it. and get it lol!!!! I would love to read it!!

Actually she is my favorite youtube guru. i have alot i like there is soooo many!!! but these past years my favorites are Thatsheart, she was my first favorite,
then i watched other videos, i also liked watching luvableviet. <3 her nail tutorial is the bomb!! i mean it really is!!! so DOPE!
i love Rachhloves, lilisimply, oh juicystar07 sisters channel. i don't rememb... her name is Elle fowler.. <3 !!!! I loveee!!! her channel is -> AllThatGlitters21.
i really like her overall perspective and attitude. she is looks sooo loveing and beautiful!!!! i love also her tips and ideas for room ideas. beautiful!!!!
Above all, i am ready and trying to re-organize my room. is a best order possible. i can. i love all those tips and ideas videos!!!

I'm planning on going out Tomorrow, or a on the right time. All i'm missing in my room is a few assesories here and there. Like i really need,
a white picture frame!!! would help soooo much1!!!! and small black one is nice too. would be nice. I'm going to go out. maybe Tomorrow morning
for sure lets say 9:30am . No waiting . I'm going to go||| I can go buy my stuff lol!!! Get my ass off and go buy it!!!! LOL yeah there i go...

Ok. so that said. I'll be off tomorrow first thing to buy what i need to organize my room||| !!! i believe is what you put in it. that makes my room
stand out!!!! And i loveeeee That!! So yeah upper sooooooSSoooooo Excited!!!!!! so now i'll stop rambling and go eat some lunch lol. :D ^_______^

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog. and keep reading !!! I hope you like the new look!!!! <3
Lots or love.